Comebackers (Fantasy League #7)

Games: #13 (4/13, @ Cardinals, W 5-0);  #14 (4/14, @ Cardinals, L 0-3); #15 (4/15, @ Cardinals, W 6-3); #16, (4/16, @ Cardinals, L 5-4).

Just before we left for Texas, I got the final (hopefully?) technological piece of the puzzle for this project: an adapter connecting my phone to our projector.

Because we’d been in Texas, we hadn’t had much of a chance to watch on it.

When we got back from my cousin’s wedding, exhausted from travelling over the break, we sat down and watched most of a game. It was a close one, but between teams that entered play 8-7 (Pittsburgh) and 7-8 (St. Louis). It was a test of one of the tenets of this project: How do you care when you don’t care?

The first great play I saw came a few minutes after tuning in. Mitch Keller fielded a comebacker to the mound with the bases loaded and initiated a flawless 1-2-3 double play. The kids and I watching together after the big wedding and the long spring break (and despite some boring stretches) just felt great.

We drifted away after poor Mitch Keller surrendered a home run as he neared his last inning. It was an echo of opening day, in which on literally what was his 99th or 100th pitch, he served up a double down the line that ended his day and tied the game.

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