The Loudest Single Ever Seen (Fantasy League #5)

Games: #7 (vs. White Sox, W 13-9), #8 (vs. White Sox, L 5-11), #9 (vs. White Sox, W 1-0)

At the home opener, after an extended ovation, against Chicago White Sox starter Lucas Giolito, Andrew McCutchen hit it.

Then he got caught stealing 1-3-6. Feelings can get the best of us. 

In the series finale of the White Sox series, Oneil Cruz hard slid into home and broke his own ankle. (Apparently, actually, there’s a fractured fibula and something called–or an injury to something called–syndesmosis, which sounds like it’s not good, at least in the opinion of this team of sports medicine scholars who calls them “rare, but very debilitating and frequently misdiagnosed” in, um, the first sentence of the abstract. Also not good.).

After a 6-3 start, the Pirates won’t have him batting leadoff through July. Feelings can get the best of us. 

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