Going Down the Old Mine (Fantasy League #3)

Games: #2 (April 1 @Reds, L 2-6) and #3 (April 2 @Reds, L 1-3)

Rich Hill got hit hard, I gather, as did Vince Velasquez, who didn’t make it through the fifth. That third time through the order, the lefty ran out of tricks and gave up a couple home runs, including one that my phone alerted me to by the Reds’ Jason Vosler. The radio broadcast I caught on the way to pick up my kids dropped one into the right field short porch of Great American Ballpark

That’s how it got described to me, in impeccable baseball broadcast paralance, as I exited the 191 tunnel, on the Broadway end. There, I saw two familiar little faces on scooters with their parents. After I got my kids, the notifications kept me somewhat attuned at my sister’s party, where the Brooklynites had strong opinions about baseball. It was such a pleasure to have baseball on in an ambient way, but that same low static presence made it all feel pretty secondhand, detached, ongoing: a measure of how my attention actually works, how my investment and  engagement really function in the world.  Intermittently, in ways that are controlled by others more than by myself. 

Next up: Pittsburgh travels to (where else?) Friendly Fenway. More on that in the next post.  

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